Leading People

Through his firm Human Capital Integrated, founded in 2005, Dr. Woody has worked with entrepreneurs, executives, managers, and supervisors to enhance their leadership capabilities through personal insight, values clarification, and authentic communication. As an organizational psychologist Dr. Woody believes developing leaders and leader teams requires:


Dr. Woody has conducted off-site customized leader team development for companies such as:

Moving From Player to Coach

Dr. Woody’s popular From Player to Coach program has been showcased through the Institute for Management Studies since 2013. The program is fully customizable and focuses on the transition from being a high performer to having people management responsibility. The program explores:

  • Developing your style
  • Understanding your personality
  • Managing former peers
  • Motivating positive action
  • Mediating conflict
  • Having tough conversations

Attendees have included companies such as:

Human Capital Integrated Customized Offerings

Dr. Woody and his team believe every organization and every leader are unique. HCI offers the following services:

Developing Leader Teams
Engaging Employees
Creating A Culture of Success