An entertaining and informative speaker, Dr. Woody blends the wisdom of modern-day psychology with the practical bottom-line thinking of the business world to create innovative and thoughtful solutions to today’s tough challenges. Trained in the field of Organizational Psychology, Dr. Woody has experience and expertise in:


From Player to Coach How to Go from being a Top Performer to a Great Boss

Management and Leadership Development

  • From Player to Coach
    The Psychology of Becoming a Great Manager
  • Influence to Action
    The Art & Science of Persuasion
  • The Trust Factor
    Building a High Performing Team through Trust
  • The Psychology of Communication
    How to Have Tough Conversations
  • The Values Compass
    Navigating Uncertainty by Being True to Yourself
  • Driving Corporate Culture During Times of Change
  • Visioning for Success
    The Psychology of Crafting & Communicating an Inspiring  Vision
  • Leading Like an Entrepreneur:
    Tips from America’s Top Entrepreneurs
  • Making the Right Call
    The Psychology Behind Sound Decisions
  • Hiring Those Diamonds in the Rough

Human Resource Development

  • Hire the Right People
    The Psychology Behind Profiling Candidates
  • Hiring is a Two-way Street
    The Power of Employer Branding
  • All Aboard!
    The Psychology of On-boarding and the Acculturation of Talent
  • Gigging in The New Economy
    Globalization & The Virtual Freelancing Trend

Workshops and Seminars

Workshops and seminars based on Dr. Woody’s expertise can be customized to meet your needs. All workshops and seminars are interactive and Dr. Woody highly encourages participation from all attendees. Interactive seminars are either half or full day depending on your needs and goals. Dr. Woody is also available for short presentations, keynote speaking, roundtables, and discussion panels.

Dr. Woody & The Monk The Art & Science of Meditation at Work

Keynote Speaking

Dr. Woody is available for custom keynote presentations as well as on stage Q&A format keynotes.

Conference/Panel Moderator

Dr. Woody is available to conduct on stage Q&A sessions with guest celebrity speakers as well as moderate on stage or closed door invite panel discussions with VIP guests.


Dr. Woody is available to develop and facilitate multi-day customized off-site retreats.

To book Dr. Woody: DrWoody@DrWoody.comBook Dr. Woody Today