Reinvent Your Career & Health in 2014!

The start of the New Year is your chance to reinvent yourself and your career! It all starts with setting some simple goals and committing to a plan for making it happen for both Career and Health!


For many Americans making a positive change means enhancing their career – and the best place to start is with education!

So many people worry about the skyrocketing cost of school as well as the time commitments… And whether it’s worth the investment. Consider that according to Bureau of Labor Statistics for every level of education you achieve your earnings go up and your likelihood for unemployment goes down. What’s more, American’s with Bachelor’s degrees earn on average $400 more per week! That’s nearly 20K per year!

For many busy working adults going back to school isn’t always easy, but schools like Western International University offer flexible on-line programs that are affordable and can be customized to your needs… and they are geared towards busy adults looking to make a positive change in their careers!

The key is to step back and think about the kind of work and career you really want to pursue. Never run away from a job, always run towards a career.

For starters, look at the requirements of some of the hot fields out there and investigate local professional associations, trade publications… Also, tap into your network to see who you may be connected to!


So, when it comes to health this time of year is all about diet and exercise.

However, most of those out there joining the typical New Year’s exercise craze are also wired into their iPods and ear buds, which may actually be harming their health! Currently there are nearly 36 million Americans who have experienced some form of hearing loss… most of which is from some form of exposure to environmental noise or devices.

Also consider that 1 in 5 teens has slight hearing loss from listing to devices with ear buds.

The problem is most of those who suffer hearing loss don’t do anything about it. Only 1-in-7 who can benefit from a hearing aid actually wear one mostly because they are bulky and expensive. We all know someone who struggles with their hearing and the New Year is a great time to make an appointment to get your hearing checked.

Struggling to hear can be frustrating. One new product on the market is the MDHearingAid AIR, which is a simple and discrete solution that can dramatically change your life and your career.

Get out there in 2014 and make it happen!!!