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Where are the Jobs?!? (Part 3 of 7) Wanna Work for the “Man”, Consider the Federal Government

The Federal Government is the second industry my team and I researched for the “Where are the jobs?!?” blog series. Although state and local governments across the country have been severely hit by decreased property and income tax revenues, there are opportunities at the Federal level. A number of the Federal opportunities we came across are in the law enforcement sector. Agencies such as the FBI, TSA, and Border Patrol either have openings or will in the near future.   


The Partnership for Public Service predicts the Federal workforce will expand to 2.1 million civilian employees from now through 2012. According to their estimates, 384,000 of these new openings will be the result of baby boomer retirements. Further, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) “Career Guide to Industries” predicts the continued retirement of baby boomers in the Federal government will likely last through 2018. Although many boomers in the private sector have been forced to delay their retirements due to the financial crisis, Federal pensions tend to kick-in earlier and pay-out fairly well in comparison.


Many of the open positions we came across tend to have a security-related focus both on financial transactions and national security. However, there are opportunities in other sectors as well. Here are a few spots to look for government positions and also get support in your Federal government job search.

  • USAJobs – Official government job search engine—special section for students
  • USA.gov – Tips for applying to government jobs
  • Partnership for Public Service – Connects the right talent to the right government jobs
  • Making the Difference - Find helpful information on how to obtain a federal job
  • Fedscope – Research which agencies are in your state and whether they hire people with your background


The following is a list of some of the hottest federal government positions out there:

  • Detectives/criminal investigator
  • Claims adjuster
  • Compliance officer
  • Security officer
  • Federal marshall
  • Budget/program/intelligence analyst
  • IT specialists/cyber security
  • Legal professional
  • Border patrol agent
  • Emergency management (terrorism/mass casualty)


Follow Directions: Make sure your resume and application are complete. The Federal application process can be very lengthy, so be ready for this. Also, be ready to fill out a comprehensive background questionnaire that will require information on at least 7 years of your residence and work history.

Be Patient: The application and hiring process for Federal positions can take a long time. For some positions it may take up to a year. Apply for positions that don’t require major security clearances about four months prior to your target start date and at least six to eight months in advance for national security-related positions.


Federal government positions are all over the country. In fact, only 10% are in Washington D.C. And, there are positions that require all levels of education and experience. So, if you haven’t considered this career path before, expand your horizons!